Worms Distributed Covert Channel Detection Framework

WoDiCoF is a framework for developing, testing and evaluating network covert channel detection methods and for replicating experimental results from the scientific community. The project is developed by the ZTT and the Cyber Security Research Group (CSRG) of the Worms University of Applied Sciences. For inquiries please contact Prof. Steffen Wendzel.

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Covert Channels

In information security, a covert channel is a policy-breaking communication channel. There are many different ways to create such covert channels and with WoDiCoF it is possible to detect several of them.


WoDiCoF is primarily designed for scientists who want to implement and analyze novel detection algorithms or who want to reproduce experimental results for existing detection algorithms. However, WoDiCoF could potentially also be used by the law-enforcement / professionals to determine the presence of network covert channels in data within malware traffic.